What about some sound?

Ninon has worked as a radio reporter taking on a variety of newsroom roles: ancor,  live-hit, live in studio, interviewer, arts reporter, and assignment editor.

She interned as a reporter at CJAD 800 radio, the largest anglophone radio station in Montreal. http://www.iheartradio.ca/cjad 

She hosted and produced Bee the Change a radio talk show about environmental issues that ran once a week live on CJLO 1690AM from January to May 2018.

Here are three selected episodes out of the fourteen episode series:

In this episode Ninon dives into what is causing the rapid decline in bee populations. She interviews Declan Rankin Jardin one of the founders of Alveole, and visits his organization in Montreal that works on introducing bees in the city through educating people about bees and helping montrealers take care of their own hives.

In this episode Ninon dives into Earth Day talking about the consequences of plastic pollution and the steps Montreal and Canadian governments are taking to reduce plastic. She interviewed Valeria Merino, Vice President  of Global Earth Day to talk about solutions to plastic pollution.

In this episode on birds of Montreal Ninon explores the threat that the birds at the Biodôme face as the wetlands they depend on are being sought over for development. She interviewed Joël Coutu, a bird watcher and specialist and advocate for the conservation of the wetlands, to further understand the tensions between bird advocates and developers.


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