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Ninon Scotto di Uccio is an Freelance Environmental Journalist and Communicator working to spread awareness about the climate crisis through an intersectional lense,  focusing on issues of Environmental Justice. 

Originally from Lyon, France, she works from her home town of San Francisco, California. She is interested in reporting stories of environmentally vulnerable communities in the Bay Area and beyond. She is notably covering challenges and successes of resiliency within these communities.

She studied Journalism at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada where she produced and hosted a radio show called Bee the Change, providing weekly environmental news and diving deeper into a variety of environmental issues. After returning to her hometown of San Francisco, she dove into Community Engagement work at Friends of the Urban Forest, an urban forestry non-profit focusing on equitable tree distribution within San Francisco. 

She tweets from @ninonscotto and previously published work can be found under the Articles menu.

Linkedin Profile: Ninon Scotto di Uccio

More about Ninon


I believe the role of environmental journalism is to represent the climate crisis  as the threat the scientific community is telling us it is. It is our duty to correct tactful misinformation and to see climate change as a corruption issue that is interconnected with an array of other systemic causes such as racism, class structures, gender identities, corporate powers and government inaction.

I focus on those already hit by the ecological crisis and focus on informing about strategies for a resilient, promising future for ourselves, future generations and the diversity of creatures we share our planet with.

I am a big fan of community gardens, food forests and anything else that creates solidarity and unity within communities and the natural world.

When I’m not covering stories, I like to take pictures of ways people reclaim sidewalks and turn them into community spaces. I also like to express myself visually through paintings, collages and embroidery.

You can reach me at ninonsdu@gmail.com

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